The landing page of the most awesome shizzle ever uploaded onto the interwebs!

Welcome to LokisParody! This is the home of Dean (@TheIIMoggyII), the "Chan-Tastic" "Black To His Best" Jason (@SteveMK2) and friends.

About LokisParody

Loki's Parody launched 2nd May 2012 and our first video was uploaded 15th May 2012. Our YouTube channel was created so that we could share our (lack of) skill and humour to the world by posting videos of our shenanigans on PC multiplayer games.

The name 'Loki's Parody' came about because of Dean's love of comic books, superhero films and TV shows and brought him to the character Loki, the God of Mischief. He then though of other words and phrases that go with Loki and came to the final name of Loki's Parody. Which is perfect for what we put on the channel, a bit of mischief and a lot of jokes, humour and all around harmless fun!

Loki's Parody have been influenced heavily by top YouTubers such as, The Yogscast, PewDiePie, InTheLittleWood, NerdCubed, InsideGaming and many more incredible people.

We hope that we fulfill our goal of making people smile, laugh, even cry tears of joy and would like to thank every single person that enjoys watching our channel and helps us to grow into a more experienced and more entertaining channel. Thanks!